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Parrot Software Update!!!


Problems with your Parrot car kit?   
Memory Full?
No Signal? (on Display)
White Display (No Text)
No Passcode (LS3200)
Incorrect Text
New Phone?

All Parrot car kits have the facility to update the software / firmware to allow them to work with
newer phones on the market, we carry all cables/tools to update your Parrot car kit
and offer this as a mobile service, at a very reasonable price.

If required you can also send the Parrot system into us for an update (Please ring first).

We can update the following car kits:

RKi8400 :
MKi9200 :
MKi9100 :
MKi9000 :
MK6100 :
MK6000 :
CK3200 :

3400 LS-GPS :
CK3100 :
CK3300 :
CK3500 :
CK3000 Evo :
CK3000 :

 Why replace your car kit??? Give your Parrot Car Kit a new lease of life.

Call Now on 07779 299 460

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