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Nokia CK300 Bluetooth Car Kit

Nokia Car Kit CK-300 – In car. In touch. In style.

Compatible with an extensive range of mobile phone brands and models, the Nokia Car Kit CK-300 offers convenient call handling, high quality audio output with echo cancellation and noise reduction, and music streaming capabilities that help you make the most of your mobile device while you’re on the road.

With a Nokia Car Kit CK-300 you can:

  • Connect via Bluetooth to a broad range of compatible mobile devices.
  • Keep your hands free and your eyes on the road with convenient call handling and a stylish remote control.
  • Enjoy a high quality, clear audio signal with digital signal processing (DSP) for echo cancellation and noise reduction.
  • Stream your favourite music from your compatible mobile device to your car stereo.
  • Connect your Nokia mobile device to charge the battery while you’re on the road.*
    *Compatible with Nokia 2 mm connectors.


  • A high quality Bluetooth handsfree car kit for clear conversation and streaming music

  • Compatible with an extensive range of mobile phone brands and models

  • Allows for software updates

  • Convenient handling with stylish remote control with six keys: accept call, end call, mute, activation of the phone’s voice tags, start music/select mode, and Navi wheel™


  • Hands-free with clear audio quality (internal DSP)

  • Power indication by lighted buttons of external input device

  • Activation of phone’s voice tags (if supported by phone)

  • Call transfer from phone to car kit

  • Redial of the last caller

  • Car radio mute (only if available)

  • Microphone mute

  • Loudspeaker mute (if connected via relay)


  • Playback of MP3 audio files (stereo) stored in compatible mobile phones or compatible music players.

  • Connection to phone: Bluetooth audio streaming

  • Connection to dedicated music players: Bluetooth

  • Output via car radio for best music experience (car radio with AUX input and adaptor cable needed)

Bonus material

  • Charging cable to charge compatible Nokia mobile devices with 2mm connector

  • Innovative software for compatible S60 phones turning your mobile device into a car kit display

Interfaces to Mobile Phone

  • Bluetooth 1.2 specification (Handsfree profile 1.5, Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) V1. Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP) V1.0.

  • 2 mm connector for Nokia mobile devices

  • 3.5 mm standard stereo audio connector

External input device CU-10

  • Color black

  • Dimensions 56 x 35 x 24mm

  • Cable length 1.5m

  • Operating temperature -20°C up to +70°C

  • Storage temperature -40°C up to +85°C

Hands-free unit HF-20

  • Color: black

  • Dimensions 155 x 99 x 26mm

  • Operating temperature -20°C up to +55°C

  • Storage temperature -40°C up to 85°C

  • DC power supply 10.5V up to 16.5V

Microphone MP-2

  • Colour black

  • Cable length 3,000mm

  • Length (max) 40mm

  • Width (max) 24mm

  • Operating temperature -40°C up to 85°C

Sales package contents

  • Remote Control CU-10

  • Handsfree Unit HF-21W

  • Microphone MP-2

  • ISO power cable

  • Audio and Charging Cable CA-113CU

  • User’s and installation guide on CD ROM

  • Quick guide

Technical Specifications


Nokia Car Kit CK-300 - Compatibility


Nokia 2630 Yes  
Nokia 2660 Yes  
Nokia 2760 Yes  
Nokia 3109 Classic Yes Yes
Nokia 3110 Classic * Yes Yes
Nokia 3120 Classic Yes Yes
Nokia 3230 Yes  
Nokia 3250 Yes  
Nokia 3500 Classic Yes Yes
Nokia 3650 Yes  
Nokia 5000 Yes  
Nokia 5200 Yes Yes
Nokia 5300 XpressMusic *** Yes Yes
Nokia 5310 XpressMusic Yes Yes
Nokia 5500 Sport Yes  
Nokia 5610 XpressMusic *** Yes Yes
Nokia 5700 XpressMusic Yes Yes
Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Yes Yes
Nokia 6021 Yes  
Nokia 6085 *** Yes Yes
Nokia 6086 Yes Yes
Nokia 6103 * Yes  
Nokia 6103/6104/6102i Yes  
Nokia 6110 Navigator Yes Yes
Nokia 6111 Yes  
Nokia 6111/6112 Yes  
Nokia 6120 Classic Yes Yes
Nokia 6121 Classic Yes Yes
Nokia 6125 Yes  
Nokia 6131 *** Yes Yes
Nokia 6151 * Yes Yes
Nokia 6131 NFC Yes Yes
Nokia 6133 Yes Yes
Nokia 6133b Yes Yes
Nokia 6151 * Yes Yes
Nokia 6220 Classic Yes Yes
Nokia 6230 Yes  
Nokia 6230i Yes  
Nokia 6233 Yes Yes
Nokia 6234 Yes Yes
Nokia 6260 Yes  
Nokia 6267 * Yes Yes
Nokia 6270 Yes  
Nokia 6280 * Yes Yes
Nokia 6282 Yes Yes
Nokia 6288 Yes Yes
Nokia 6290 Yes Yes
Nokia 6300 Yes Yes
Nokia 6301 Yes Yes
Nokia 6301i Yes  
Nokia 6500 Classic Yes Yes
Nokia 6500 Slide * Yes Yes
Nokia 6555 Yes Yes
Nokia 6600 Yes  
Nokia 6600 Fold Yes Yes
Nokia 6630 Yes  
Nokia 6670 Yes  
Nokia 6680 Yes  
Nokia 6681 Yes  
Nokia 6682 Yes  
Nokia 6708 Yes  
Nokia 6820 Yes  
Nokia 6822 Yes  
Nokia 7280 Yes  
Nokia 7370 Yes  
Nokia 7373 * Yes Yes
Nokia 7380 Yes  
Nokia 7390 Yes Yes
Nokia 7500 Prism * Yes Yes
Nokia 7610 Yes  
Nokia 770 Yes  
Nokia 7710 Yes  
Nokia 7900 Prism Yes Yes
Nokia 8600 Luna *** Yes Yes
Nokia 8800 Yes Yes
Nokia 8800 Arte *** Yes Yes
Nokia 8800 Sapphire Arte Yes Yes
Nokia 8800 Sirocco *** Yes Yes
Nokia 8801 Yes Yes
Nokia 9300 * Yes  
Nokia 9300i * Yes  
Nokia 9500 Yes  
Nokia E50 Yes  
Nokia E51 Yes Yes
Nokia E60 Yes  
Nokia E61 Yes  
Nokia E61i 1) Yes  
Nokia E65 Yes  
Nokia E66 Yes Yes
Nokia E70 Yes  
Nokia E71 Yes Yes
Nokia E90 *** Yes Yes
Nokia N70 Yes  
Nokia N71 Yes  
Nokia N72 Yes  
Nokia N73 Yes Yes
Nokia N76 Yes Yes
Nokia N80 Yes  
Nokia N800 Yes  
Nokia N81 Yes Yes
Nokia N81 8GB Yes Yes
Nokia N810 Yes  
Nokia N82 *** Yes Yes
Nokia N90 Yes  
Nokia N91 Yes  
Nokia N93i Yes Yes
Nokia N95 Yes Yes
Nokia N95 8GB Yes Yes
Nokia N96 Yes Yes




*) Voice dialling not fully supported
**) Redial not supported
1) Display of operator name, field strength and battery level not supported
2) Phone does not support music streaming
3) Phonebook download not supported

C701 One Touch 3 Yes Yes
iPhone Yes  
iPhone 3G Yes  
iPAQ 6515 Yes  
iPAQ 6920 Yes  
iPAQ 6940 Yes Yes
3125 Yes Yes
8125 Yes Yes
8525 Yes Yes
P3300 Yes Yes
P3450 Touch Yes Yes
P3470 Yes Yes
P3600 Yes Yes
P4350 Yes Yes
P6300 Yes Yes
P6500 Yes Yes
S710 Yes Yes
S730 Yes Yes
Touch Yes Yes
Touch Cruise Yes Yes
Touch Diamond Yes Yes
Touch Dual Yes Yes
Touch HD Yes Yes
Touch Pro Yes Yes
TyTN Yes Yes
TyTN II Yes Yes
KX-160 Yes  
CG300 Yes  
CG400 Yes  
CU500 Yes Yes
KE970 * Yes Yes
KU 380 Yes Yes
LX500 Yes Yes
VX8300 Yes Yes
VX8500 Yes Yes
E2 ROKR Yes Yes
E680v Yes  
E770v Yes  
K1 KRZR Yes Yes
K1m KRZR Yes  
L6 Yes  
L7 SLVR Yes  
L7i SLVR Yes Yes
Q Yes Yes
RAZR2 V8 Yes Yes
V3 RAZR Yes  
V360 Yes  
V3C RAZR Yes  
V3I RAZR Yes  
V3m RAZR Yes  
V3X RAZR Yes Yes
Z3 RIZR Yes Yes
Nitro Yes  
Treo 700w Yes  
7250 Yes  
8100 Yes  
8110 Yes Yes
8120 Yes Yes
8300 Yes Yes
8320 Yes Yes
8700 Yes  
8800 Yes Yes
8820 Yes  
9000 Yes Yes
8100b Yes  
8310 Curve Yes Yes
8700g Yes  
8703e Yes  
8707v Yes  
C417 Yes  
SCH-A640 Yes  
SCH-A930 Yes  
SCH-A950 Yes  
SCH-U540 Yes  
SGH-A707 Yes Yes
SGH-C180 Yes  
SGH-D407 Yes  
SGH-D520 Yes Yes
SGH-D600 Yes Yes
SGH-D800 Yes Yes
SGH-D830 Yes Yes
SGH-D880 Duos Yes Yes
SGH-D900 * Yes Yes
SGH-D900i Yes Yes
SGH-E200 Yes Yes
SGH-E210 Yes  
SGH-E250 * Yes Yes
SGH-E380 Yes Yes
SGH-E500 Yes Yes
SGH-E570 Yes  
SGH-E740 Yes Yes
SGH-E750 Yes Yes
SGH-E760 Yes Yes
SGH-E840 Yes  
SGH-E900 * Yes Yes
SGH-E950 Yes Yes
SGH-F250 Yes Yes
SGH-F400 Yes Yes
SGH-G600 Yes Yes
SGH-G800 Yes Yes
SGH-i200 Yes Yes
SGH-i200 Yes Yes
SGH-i300 Yes Yes
SGH-i550 Yes Yes
SGH-i780 Yes Yes
SGH-i8510 innov8 Yes Yes
SGH-i900 Omnia Yes Yes
SGH-J150 Yes Yes
SGH-J600 Yes  
SGH-J700 Yes Yes
SGH-J750 Yes Yes
SGH-L310 Yes Yes
SGH-L760 Yes Yes
SGH-M110 Yes  
SGH-M610 Yes Yes
SGH-P520 Armani Yes Yes
SGH-P900 Yes Yes
SGH-U300 Yes Yes
SGH-U600 Yes Yes
SGH-U700 Yes Yes
SGH-U800 Yes Yes
SGH-U900 Soul Yes Yes
SGH-X550 Yes  
SGH-X700 Yes Yes
SGH-X800 Yes Yes
SGH-X820 Yes Yes
SGH-X830 Yes Yes
SGH-Z320i Yes Yes
SGH-Z400 Yes Yes
SGH-Z560 Yes Yes
SGH-Z630 Yes Yes
SGH-ZV60 Yes  
T519 Yes Yes
T629 Yes  
ZX-30 Yes  
WP-S1 Yes Yes
C702 Yes  
C902 Yes  
G502 Yes Yes
G900 Yes Yes
K320i * Yes  
K510i Yes  
K530i * Yes Yes
K550i Yes Yes
K610i Yes  
K660 Yes Yes
K750i Yes  
K770i Yes Yes
K790i * Yes Yes
K800i Yes Yes
K810i Yes Yes
K850i Yes Yes
P1i Yes Yes
P990i Yes  
S500i Yes Yes
T650i Yes Yes
V640i * Yes Yes
W300i Yes  
W380i Yes W380i
W550i Yes  
W580i Yes Yes
W610i Yes Yes
W660i Yes Yes
W700i Yes  
W810i * Yes  
W830i Yes  
W850i Yes  
W880i Yes Yes
W890i Yes Yes
W910i Yes Yes
W950i Yes  
W960 Yes Yes
X1 Yes Yes
Z310i Yes  
Z525a Yes  
Z610i Yes Yes
Z710i Yes  
XV6700 Yes  
610   Yes
810 Yes Yes

Product compatibility is subject to change and is dependent on the software version of your device. Check the software update availability for your device. For more information, contact the Nokia dealer nearest to you.


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