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Nokia Bluetooth Display Car Kit CK-600

In car. In sight. In touch.


Go handsfree and footloose with a brilliant dashboard screen and easily play your mobile music in the car.

Dashing display

The adjustable full-colour display mounts onto your dashboard, so you can easily see who's calling.

Keep your contacts close

Use the active call management to synchronise your contact details directly with the car kit.

Your road, your sound

Play your mobile music collection through your car's loudspeakers with outstanding audio quality.


  • Provides comfortable and easy in-car handsfree calling
  • Adjustable and detachable 2.2 inch TFT display in 65,536 colours
  • Download for two users up to 3,000 phone numbers each
  • Play music through Bluetooth
  • Integrates with your car's loudspeakers
  • Handles up to two calls at once

Get handsfree calling, your favourite music, and an attractive dashboard screen – all in one package.

Now showing

The bright TFT (thin film transistor) screen mounts onto your dashboard and gives you info about your calls.

Handsfree talking

Switch from your handset to handsfree in your car to make talking more comfortable.

Easy interface

Accept or end calls, mute the microphone or speaker, and navigate through contacts or tracks with the Navi™ Wheel.

Technical Specifications

Physical features and interface


  • Colour display

  • 2.2inch (43.7 mm x 34.9 mm - active area)

  • 220 x 176 pixels

  • High-colour with up to 65,536 colours

  • TFT

  • Detachable and flat-mountable

  • Auto dim

  • Night mode

  • Selectable colour themes

  • Blue

  • Green

  • Red

  • Yellow

  • Orange

  • Grey

Operating keys

  • Separate input device with five keys and Navi wheel

  • Accept call

  • End call

  • Mute

  • Activation of the phone’s speech recognition

  • Mode selection

  • Navi™ wheel

  • All buttons and keys illuminated

Operating temperature

  • -20 °C to +70 °C (Storage temperature -40 °C to +85 °C)

Available colours

  • Black


  • Bulgarian , Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Latvia, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovene, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian

Additional physical features and interface information

  • Hands-free with clear audio quality (internal DSP)

  • Synchronisation of phonebook: 1,000 contacts, up to three numbers for two users

  • Dynamic memory management for both users

  • Predictive contact search (only available characters are shown when entering names)

  • Display of the caller’s name and number (depending on network and if available in phonebook)

  • Display field strength (if supported by phone)

  • Display operator name (if supported by phone)

  • Display battery level

  • Call registers

  • Last dialed numbers

  • Missed calls

  • Received calls

  • Speed dials (digits 1 to 9)

  • Assignment

  • Viewing

  • Deletion

  • Activation of phone’s speech recognition (if supported by phone)

  • Call transfer from phone to car kit and vice versa

  • Handling of two simultaneous calls

  • Redial of last dialed number

  • Standard Nokia tune for non-Nokia mobile phones

1) depending on network
2) if available in phonebook
3) if supported by phone

  • Storage of user settings of eight phones

  • Selectable sort order either first-name-last-name or last-name-first-name

  • Selectable direction of main menu rotation

  • Selectable suppression of phone indication tones

  • Automatic answer

  • Internal relays to toggle between hands-free and music

  • Microphone mute

  • Loudspeaker mute

  • Display product information

  • Restorable factory settings

  • Power indication (buttons and display illumination switches on when car kit is switched on)

  • Automatic switch-on if IGNS signal is not available (internal motion sensor)


Power supply

  • DC power supply 10.5V to 16.5V

Compatible Nokia chargers

  • Nokia chargers that support a 2 mm charging interface

Additional power information

  • Internal charger for Nokia phones with 2 mm charging connector

Sound and media

Total harmonic distortion

  • 0.5% (at 1kHz)

Frequency response

  • 20Hz to 20kHz

Speaker output

  • Integrated in-car sound; CK-15W audio amplifier connects directly to car loudspeaker system

Additional sound and media information

  • Playback of music from player in compatible mobile device

  • Start

  • Stop

  • Skip forward and backward

  • Automatic detection of available control functions

  • pre-defined music sound settings “Classic”, “Rock”, “Pop”, “Jazz”, “Bass booster”

  • Internal amplifier to be connected to car loudspeakers

  • Line-out for music


Bluetooth version

  • Supports Bluetooth standard 2.0

Bluetooth profiles

  • Hands-free Profile 1.5

  • File Transfer Profile 1.1

  • Phonebook Access Profile 1.0

  • Advanced Audio Distribution Profile 1.0

  • Audio Video Remote Control Profile 1.0

Additional connectivity information

  • Mobile device connectivity

  • Auto-connect via Bluetooth (if supported by mobile device)

Car connectivity:

  • Car battery

  • IGNS (only of available)

  • Car radio mute (only if available)

  • Standard Cinch connectors for stereo music out (only if AUX input is available)

Other connectivity:

  • mini-USB connector to update software

Sales package contents

  • Display SU-34

  • Display stand HH-18

  • Display plate HH-19

  • System cable CA-140

  • External input device CU-10

  • Microphone MP-2

  • Charging cable 2mm connector CA-134

  • Hands-free unit HF-23

  • ISO system cable CA-135

  • Pouch

  • Quick guide

  • CD with user and installation guide


Nokia Display Car Kit CK-600 - Compatibility
Nokia 2600 Classic Yes  
Nokia 2630 Yes  
Nokia 2760 Yes  
Nokia 3120 Classic Yes Yes
Nokia 5000 Yes  
Nokia 5300 XpressMusic *) Yes Yes
Nokia 5310 XpressMusic Yes Yes
Nokia 5610 XpressMusic Yes Yes
Nokia 6085 *) Yes Yes
Nokia 6103 Yes  
Nokia 6103 1) Yes  
Nokia 6110 Navigator Yes Yes
Nokia 6111 Yes  
Nokia 6111 1) Yes  
Nokia 6121 Classic Yes Yes
Nokia 6131 Yes Yes
Nokia 6151 Yes Yes
Nokia 6230i 1) Yes  
Nokia 6233 *) Yes Yes
Nokia 6267 Yes Yes
Nokia 6280 Yes Yes
Nokia 6290 Yes Yes
Nokia 6300 Yes Yes
Nokia 6500 Classic Yes Yes
Nokia 6500 Slide Yes Yes
Nokia 6555 Yes Yes
Nokia 6600 Fold Yes Yes
Nokia 7373 *) Yes Yes
Nokia 8800 Arte Yes Yes
Nokia 8800 Sirocco *) Yes Yes
Nokia 9300i *) Yes  
Nokia E50 1) Yes  
Nokia E51 *) Yes Yes
Nokia E61i 1) Yes  
Nokia E65 *) Yes  
Nokia E66 Yes Yes
Nokia E71 Yes Yes
Nokia E90 *) Yes Yes
Nokia N70 *) Yes  
Nokia N73 *) Yes Yes
Nokia N76 Yes Yes
Nokia N80 *) Yes  
Nokia N81 Yes Yes
Nokia N82 Yes Yes
Nokia N91 8GB *) Yes Yes
Nokia N93i *) Yes  
Nokia N95 Yes Yes
Nokia N95 8GB Yes Yes
Nokia N96 Yes Yes

DeviceSW versionHandsfreeMusic

*) Voice dialling not fully supported
**) Redial not supported
1) Display of operator name, field strength and battery level not supported
2) Phone does not support music streaming
3) Phonebook download not supported

C701 One Touch 3) v 010.04 Yes Yes
iPhone v 1.1.2 Yes  
iPhone 3G   Yes  
P3300 v 3.13.001 Yes Yes
P3450 Touch 2.20.407.1B GER Yes Yes
P3470 v 1.11.0000 Yes Yes
P3600 v 1.23 Yes Yes
P4350 v Yes Yes
P6300 v 1.02.00 Yes Yes
P6500 v Yes Yes
S710   Yes Yes
S730 v Yes Yes
Touch Diamond v Yes Yes
Touch Dual v Yes Yes
Touch HD v Yes Yes
Touch Pro v Yes Yes
TyTN v 2.15 Yes Yes
TyTN II v Yes Yes
KU 380 2),3)   Yes  
L6 R3511_G_0A.52.26R_B Yes  
RAZR2 V8 *) R601_G_80.46.1BR Yes Yes
V3 RAZR *) R374_G_0E.42.0ER Yes  
8800 v Yes  
8100b v Yes  
8310 Curve v Yes Yes
8700g v Yes  
8707v v Yes  
SGH-D880 Duos D880XAHC1 Yes Yes
SGH-E200 E200XAGD3 Yes Yes
SGH-E570 E570XFGD2 Yes  
SGH-E740 E740BOGH3 Yes Yes
SGH-F250 F250XFHB1 Yes Yes
SGH-G600 G600XFGJ3 Yes Yes
SGH-G800 G800BHGK1 Yes Yes
SGH-i550 i550XXHH1 Yes Yes
SGH-i780 i780XFHD2 Yes Yes
SGH-i8510 innov8 i8510XXHHa Yes Yes
SGH-i900 Omnia   Yes Yes
SGH-M110 M110ANHC1 Yes  
SGH-U300 U300XXGF1 Yes Yes
SGH-U900 Soul U900XXHC6 Yes Yes
SGH-X550 X550XAGE5 Yes  
WP-S1   Yes Yes
G502 *) R1FA031 Yes Yes
G900 *) R9M003 Yes Yes
K320i *) R4EA031 Yes  
K530i *) R8AD001 Yes Yes
K550i R6BC002 Yes Yes
K660 *) R1FA030 Yes Yes
K770i *) R8BC004 Yes Yes
K790i *) R1KG001 Yes Yes
K810i *) R1KG001 Yes Yes
K850i *) R1CA029 Yes Yes
P1i *)   Yes Yes
S500i *) R8BA024 Yes Yes
T650i *) R7AA024 Yes Yes
V640i *) R1CA029 Yes Yes
W300i R9A036 Yes  
W380i R9BB001 Yes Yes
W580i *) R6BC002 Yes Yes
W610i *) R6BC002 Yes Yes
W660i *) R6BC002 Yes Yes
W810i R4EA031 Yes  
W890i *) R1FA030 Yes Yes
W910i *) R1CA029 Yes Yes
W960 *) R3CA037 Yes Yes
X1 *)   Yes Yes
Z310i R6BC002 Yes  
Z610i R1ED001 Yes Yes
810 v 26 Yes Yes

Compatible with some other phones and devices supporting Bluetooth version 1.2 or later, Handsfree Profile 1.5, File Transfer Profile, and Phonebook Access Profile 1.0


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