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Multican Module

Controls the Parrot Car Kits(For CAN bus vehicles!)

Controls the Parrot Car Kits

The Parrot MULTICAN uses the existing steering wheel mounted commands to control your Parrot Bluetooth® hands-free car kit. There
is no additional visible part to install; the Parrot MULTICAN only uses the existing car’s steering wheel control buttons and they will be used
both for the car receiver and the Parrot car kit without any interference. Available is one MULTICAN kit for Parrot CK3000 EVOLUTION
and another one for Parrot CK3100 LCD.

Large compatibility

The Parrot MULTICAN operates with all kinds of steering wheel controls and is currently
 compatible with 15 car brands. The list
 of brands and models is available on our website.

Full integration

With the Parrot MULTICAN interface, keep controlling the auto-radio from the steering wheel. And if the steering wheel doesn’t have
enough buttons, the Parrot MULTICAN uses a specific combination of buttons to compensate for the missing ones.

Using the MULTICAN with the Parrot CK3000 EVOLUTION allows
removing the user interface, and getting a fully invisible Bluetooth hands free solution!


The CAN technology

The Controller Area Network (CAN) technology is a serial bus standard, originally
developed in the 1980s by Robert Bosch GmbH, for connecting and interfacing
electronic control units. CAN was specifically designed to be robust in electromagnetically
‘tough’ environments (i.e. cars).

Although initially created for automotive environment, the CAN bus is nowadays used in
many embedded control applications that requires strong protections against magnetic fields.

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