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Laser Elite Parking Sensor & Laser Defuser

The most sophisticated laser technology is constantly protecting you, every time you drive.It has the option of fitting up to four heads (2 front and 2 rear) which is useful for countries or states where you are not required to have a number plate mounted on the front or rear. In these places the police target the headlight clusters and you then need the two heads to cover the full width of the vehicle. The NEW Laser Elite is not sold or packaged as ‘laser jammers’. The handbook clearly shows that they are operational devices used for parking and that they operate on the same, licence free wavelength of 904 nm as do many other devices.

There is a small status LED to be fitted and a toggle switch that can be mounted out of view but within arms reach for manual overide of the system and a programming button but they is generally not mounted and left tucked under the dash.



It is compatible with all laser guns / laser speed systems from anywhere in the world including:

  • LTI - Marksman 20.20,LTI-Truspeed US and Euro Anti-jam(Update version)
  • LTI – TruCam(Update version)
  • LTI - UltraLyte, LR, 100, 100LR, 200, 200LR, Compact, LRB,100pps supported
  • Unipar services SL700(Update version)
  • Riegl – FG21-P(Update version)
  • Vitronic – Poliscan Speed(Update version
  • RedSpeed – SpeedGuard(Update version)
  • Kustom - ProLaser I
  • Kustom - ProLaser II
  • Kustom - ProLaser III
  • Kustom - Pro-Lite
  • Kustom - LaserCam II
  • Stalker - LZ-1
  • Laser Atlanta - SpeedLaser, S, R, Stealth Mode
  • Cleartone - Stealth SpeedLaser
  • Jenoptik - LaserPatrol
  • Jenoptik - Laveg, Video-Laveg
  • Multanova - StarLaserRedflex - Lasercam, Lasercam NT
  • Robot - TraffiPatrol, V ,Traffipatrol XR
  • Sagem - MestaLaser
  • Sagem - EUROLaser
  • Truvelo - Lidar, D-Cam
  • Riegl - LR90-235
  • Fama - famaLaser II
  • Fama - famaShot III
  • Traffic Observer - LMS 291/221/04/05
  • NJL Kft - SCS-101/SCS-102

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