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Dension Gateway Five

Gateway Five

Part no. GWF1XXX


iPod and USB playback with bluetooth handsfree in one device


Dension Gateway Five connects your iPod or USB
storage to your original car radio, providing music
playback, menu based control and charging.
The Gateway Five also offers Bluetooth connectivity
for music streaming (via A2DP) and handsfree mobile
call handling, via the radio or steering wheel controls
and displays your information in the cluster between
the dials.


Gateway Five incorporates the new Hotkey
functionality, that allows the users to assign the CD
changer buttons to a desired folder, album, song or
menu position.
The Phone option provides access to the phone book
and the call logs (received, missed, dialled).


Gateway Five is currently available for:

-VW  (CAN) featuring the RCD 210, RCD 300 and RCD 500 head units, fitted with
a text capable cluster (MFA highline)
-VW (BAP) for RCD 310, RCD 510, and RNS510

Coming soon:

-Peugeot (CAN)
-Citroen (CAN)
-Audi (Dual CAN)

-Opel and BMW will be released in the summer of 2010.






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